Digital / Print / Film / Animation / 3D

Printdesign / Medical Writing

Our doctors and biologists speak your language! We can discuss specialist brochures as well as special materials such as medical turntables with you and your specialists at eye level and implement them to the point.

Medical Illustrations 2D / 3D

From macro to micro, we show the use of your products, visualize anatomical relationships, explain the latest scientific findings and delve deeply into the smallest of molecular processes.

Animation / Motion Graphics

Moving content allows you to keep your users' attention longer, tell a full story about your brand, and build a real bond with your target audience.

Mode-of-Action / Drug Effects

Show the effectiveness of your medication or medical product in a clear and understandable way as a simple illustration, scientific poster or as a video animation.

Keyvisuals und Kampagnen

Finden Sie gemeinsam mit uns den Schlüssel für Ihre Marke! Auf der Grundlage Ihrer Marktübersicht und Erfahrung entwickeln wir ein einzigartiges und eindringliches visuelles Statement für Ihr Produkt oder Ihre Kampagne.

Product Presenation /
Package Design

We are convinced of the advantages of 3D visualization for the best presentation of your products. Fast, flexible and sometimes contrary to physics, we stage your products! Even if they are still in the making.

Digital Media

Whether website, mobile app, e-detailer and e-learning / online training. We advise you reliably and quickly on conception, design & programming.

Congress- / Boothdesign

We design everything around your trade fair appearance or workshop. Starting with the planning of an overall concept, through the design of the walls to displays, posters, invitations and promotional items, we support you with enthusiasm and professionally with your perfect appearance!

Infographics / Presentations

Communicate your processes or scientific facts "at first glance". We help you to reduce complexity and to clearly show connections.

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